To the make of a scale modeler goes a long time

Scale modeling is a real form of Art

and you need a number of qualities to become such an artist: first of all an eye to the shapes, colors, textures, then a long and deep study of History and techniques. Whether you are making aircrafts, ships, vehicles, trains or anything you are fond of, you must develop a true master touch for a wide variety of different techniques such as casting, building, painting, designing…

Now, after more than 50 years of continuous improving I landed on the beach of professional modeling, offering my skills and love for scale models to private collectors, museums, enterprises. Follow me and feel free to ask me anything.

Bespoke Projects

I can realize scale models for your collection in any scale:

  • In the sky: aircrafts, space vehicles, helicopters
  • On the sea: ships, submarines, vessels
  • On earth: military vehicles, cars, bikes, trucks
  • I can also make realistic buildings for architectural use, dioramas, scale train layouts, monuments, famous buildings.

Feel free to discover my talent and ask me anything

Serving private collectors, museums, offices & enterprises