A life in scale modeling

Building a small world

When I started making scale models, in 1965, I was a teenager. As for many of my generation, scale modeling was a way to create my own toys. At the age of 10 or 12 I was building the dear old Airfix blisters to create my own toys, and later on I turned into a real scale modeling passion for the rest of my life.

I have a genuine love for the human flight and aeroplanes. My target was to become a pilot and I spent most of my time and money to achieve a pilot license. Starting from gliders I learnt to fly an aircraft, followed by a single-engine license and later an aerobatics specialization. I couldn’t become a military pilot in my country (Italy) because of a problem to my backbone. Anyway this true love for airplanes found its complement in modeling them. At age of 23 I the became an officer commanding a Leopard tanks platoon.
All these experiences were definitely important for my modeling skills.

Scale modeling involves a series of technical skills, knowledge of materials and way to work with them. In the last 10 years a new technology has taken place: 3D printing. It’s a big opportunity to realize fully customized scale models and this brought me to open a new business at 3D Models Kits, my new brand where you may find my 3D works and a complete e-commerce for the advanced modeler. With the help of an Italian friend, Roberto, a talented CAD engineer we produce fully 3D resin printed models for the advanced enthusiast. We started with a complete range of airborne torpedoes including RAF, USAF/USN, Italian Regia Aeronautica (WWII), german Luftwaffe and Japanese Imperial Air Force.

My specialization as a senior scale modeler is realizing scale kits from commercial range as well as fully customized and scratchbuilt models.
See below a list of subjects I usually cover:

  • Aircrafts & Helicopters
  • Spacecraft Vehicles & Rockets
  • Military Vehicles
  • Ships, Vessels & Submarines
  • Sci-Fi movies subjects
  • Cars & Trucks
  • Motorbikes
  • Buildings
  • Railroad Models

I’m member of IMPS (International Plastic Modelers Society) of Ireland and Italy.
I cooperate with the best designers for new projects and I work for museums, exhibitions, companies and private collections.

My Workbench
Working at one of my 3D printers
Designing at computer