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The Art of Scale Modeling since 1965 – by Pietro Malaguti, Fine Art Scale Modeler

What kind of customer are you?

What kind of customer are you?

Well, you are now visiting my website to discover what I do and how. Probably you are a collector, but sometimes you may be a museum curator, or a manager in your enterprise looking for a good model of i.e. a truck or bus (you are a transport company) to display in the entrance hall of your offices, or simply a passionate of something in the real life you would like to have reproduced in a model for your home.

Well, this is the right place where to find what you’re looking for. Since 1965 I’ve been making scale models of every kind. I’m not a fixed-subject fan since I believe tha a good modeler should be be able to cope with several kinds of models: aircrafts, ships, vehicles etc.
This allows me to make nice reproductions of many subjects and of course this can expand the range of my customers while maintaining a high standard quality.

I make models on demand and i have also some models already made in my collection and a certain number of models in my stash – some for myself and not for sale, some to be built for my customers. Moreover I’m a 3D printing specialist and I can create almost everything from scratch.

So, I would be pleased if you get intouch with me to discuss your dreams, and of course how to make your dreams true!

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Pietro Malaguti
Fine Scale Models Artist

35 Clooneen Park F91 E6V2

Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim

Republic of Ireland

Call: +353 (0)87 246 3904


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